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Samsung Galaxy S6 – The Beast of a Phone

Ready to unlock Samsung Galaxy S6?  Checkout the review below and find the unlocking section at the end.  Two links for Samsung GSM IMEI unlock codes after the review.

After the dismal market performance of the S5 which did not even make it to the top ten smartphones of 2014, Samsung finally released its flagship product in 2015, the Samsung Galaxy S6. After a whole lot of criticism on the plastic and fragile feel of their earlier products, it was time for Samsung to regroup and deliver a prolific product that brought it back into the game. They needed a game changer and it looks like they delivered.
The question now is have they been able to achieve that with the Samsung S6? Will they be able to woo back the loyalists straying to the iPhone, HTC, and the low cost rivals Xiaomi, Huawei, and Lenovo?


Gone are the plastic fragile Samsung phones of the past. The S6 has an elegant, svelte look created by the brilliant combination of metal and glass in a uni-body construction, following suit from HTC and iPhones. Its front and back are super tough Corning Gorilla Glass 4 for a better look and feel. There are still the woes of a hollow inside though. However the Samsung Galaxy S6 is not made to be waterproof, a step backward from the S5.


No match yet for the homegrown 64 bit Exynos 7420 coupled with 3GB DDR3 RAM which gives you unmatched performance powered by Android 5.0.2. TouchWiz has lost all its bloatware and is more seamless in its integration but cannot surpass the new Sense 6. While the M9 has a better multi-tasking ability, the Samsung Galaxy S6 outperforms any device today in simple app loading. The I6 takes the center spot on this stage giving a share of both sides.


The Samsung Galaxy S6 is fitted with the most pixel dense screen in the market today, the Quad HD panel (2560 x 1440). It allows to use your phone with ease using a super bright setting for even the sunniest day. The sharpness, contrast, and pixel ratio beats even that of Apple’s retina display. Its sure to keep you enchanted via its pixel range.


The Samsung Galaxy S6 features the F 1.9 aperture which delivers 34% better low light pictures than the S5, both on the front and back camera. Another delightful feature is a heart-rate sensor next to the LED flash. The 16 mp back camera is as good as that of the M9, if not better. The 5 mp front camera ensures that it is still the leader on the selfie smartphone list.


Samsung has broken away from its standard external micro SD slot and removable battery and starts with a 32GB to 128GB variant. This may disappoint many who have large media requirements and will be forced to spend more for the higher variants. Having a large pixel dense screen loads the downsized 2550mAh battery leading to a reduced battery life.

Samsung seems to have taken the user feedback too seriously while designing this phone since it crushes most of the criticism reported by users. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is a smartphone to desire and certainly puts Samsung back in the league with the big players. The Samsung era still lives on.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S6

As promised – the unlocking section.  When it comes to unlocking the Samsung Galaxy S6 (and any new Samsung) T-Mobile is making it harder even while they say they’re making it easier.  They install an “unlock” app – meaning the phone will not prompt for an unlock code.  You must get it from T-Mobile and use their app to unlock your device or flash to a different firmware.  Once you’ve flashed the phone – you’ll be prompted for the code when you put in a new SIM.

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